Thiết kế công trình thép vượt nhịp lớn

Thiết kế công trình thép vượt nhịp lớn

  • Nhà thi đấu, sân vận động chìa ra 30m
  • Công trình khu chờ máy bay, bãi đậu xe , nhà xưởng vượt nhịp 200m

Long Span Structures

  • Integrated Architecture and Engineering
  • Undisciplined Geometry
  • Constructability: What does it look like half built?
  • Unrealistic specifications: tolerance, fit
  • Tender documentation: “Normal” standards are inadequate
  • Underdeveloped Contractor’s alternative design – continuity of knowledge
  • Lack of specialist knowledge


  • Connections often govern (number and complexity)
  • With modern technology, geometry is not necessarily a major concern
  • Visibility/ aesthetics
  • Open sections or closed sections
  • Durability and ductility of details
  • Whole life implications for painting
  • Offsite / onsite welding
  • Maximize modularity and repetition


  • Stability of the roof in its partially erected state
  • Access for and availability of cranes and other lift techniques
  • Size of elements to be lifted
  • Stability of elements during lift
  • Tolerances
  • Connections to superstructure
  • Locked in stresses
  • Deflection control (pre-cambering?)







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